Ordnance Survey - Using PSMA Map Layers

How to set up your PSMA Map Layers

Your OS Data may be downloaded from the OS Website, or ordered on a CD/DVD.

If you are downloading a lot of data, it may be worthwhile using a download manager - there are several available for Firefox. This will dramatically speed up the data download procedure.

OS Mastermap Topo

Whilst it is possible to translate the GZ format files into a format usable in GIS, it is far simpler and more effective to purchase a third party software task to carry out the work for you. Our data translation service does this for you, and we will provide you with your Topographic data in a style and format easily usable by you in your GIS.

OS Raster Products

These are easier to use in your GIS - you will need to place the georeferencing files in the same directory as the TIF images. We normally then will create a seamless layer so that all the tiles are displayed in your map as one layer rather than tens, or hundreds of layers.


You may use PSMA mapping within your organisation to view, use and print maps.

Use of PSMA material outside your organisation, or in reports etc will mean that you will have to comply with the terms of your PSMA agreement. Normally, if it is part of your core business, you will be able to use the OS data without having to pay additional royalties, but it is outside the scope of this website to give you definitive answers on what you may or may not do with OS data. In all cases, you can contact the PSMA Helpdesk for advice, or talk to your Account Manager.


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