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Jubilee Computing has recently completed a project for Dorset County Council to interpret data loggers. Data loggers were placed on certain rights of way where evidence of traffic usage was required.

Duddon electronics data Loggers

Conventional automatic traffic counters are not well suited for use on unsealed carriageways as they rely on either pneumatic loops fixed to the surface of the road or magnetic loops buried in the road. On loose surfaced carriageways the former are not considered practicable while the latter would have required substantial works to install.

Specialist vehicle loggers made by Duddon Electronics, which were readily available at moderate cost and were relatively easy to install, offered a cost-effective solution. These devices can be buried on site adjoining a route and will operate unattended for long periods. They operate by recording acoustic and magnetic traces of any passing noise or metallic object.

Depending on the amount of time they are buried for, and the amount of traffic, significant numbers of vehicle movements may be recorded. Our work involved interpretation of the traces, and the creation of bespoke reports based on time of day, day of the week, day of the week combined with time and monthly totals.

Charts were then produced to allow easy interpretation of the results - an example of the time of day analysis is below:

Interpretation of Data Loggers chart showing time of day

If you would like assistance interpreting data loggers, or in setting up your own survey, please send an email to

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