Digitising of GIS Layers

Our data capture services

Data Capture Services

Sometimes the data you need to inform land management, increase understanding locally or provide evidence to that all important funding bid isn't available spatially.

This is where we can help, using the power of GIS we can extract spatial information from secondary sources to create a new 'vector' or spatial product.

Creating powerful new datasets

This process can be as simple as taking a list of grant funded projects in a spreadsheet and using their addresses to create a new map based product which displays how money has been distributed across an area.

See the Cranborne Chase & West Wiltshire Downs AONB Interactive Mapping for an example of this in action.

Alternatively it can involve taking paper based maps creating digital copies and creating a new digital map which can be queried, as with our Historic Deer Parks and historic mills work.

New information can also be digistied from existing digital maps such as aerial photographs or ordnance survey data to, for example, identify ancient woodland. See our portfolio section for more information.

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